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Brand Management using Traditional and Social Media

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Whilst there is wide and varied use of social media in corporate companies, often there has not been enough consideration given to using it for optimal brand building. Employees use it merely in a social capacity, and management may be doing the same or nothing at all!

Social media needs to be embraced and allowed to enhance the company’s overall brand plan. Traditional and social media need to be integrated so that brand messaging is consistent. Social media support any social responsibility programmes that may already be in place.

It is essential that there is a cohesive plan that pays attention to why, how and where social media can be used to its best advantage, to:

  • Integrate traditional and social media usage.

  • Enhance current communication and brand activities.

  • Optimise and consolidate all communication channels ie same message to appear on website, print media, twitter, etc.

  • Simplify processes where possible eg one message on SMS can update the website, facebook, twitter, etc.

  • Ensure that all users understand their target market and plan their messaging to achieve the overall aims of the organisation.

  • De-mystify social media so that there is better buy-in and usage from all employees.

  • Allow employees to be an integral part of the marketing plan.

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