Jenny Handley Performance

"Words and food are my language, they speak to me.”

Running her brand and performance management business feeds Jenny’s purpose, which is developing the potential of others. Writing about her passions, food and travel, feeds her soul.

Jenny writes for business publications and is a regular contributor to Food & Home and Garden & Home, and other lifestyle titles. Travel stories published include those on Vietnam, Holland, Cambodia, Prague, Istanbul, Lake Como and Greece.

Her background as a foodie has come to the fore as she rediscovers her latent love affair with food. Her trips to London (where she met Michel Roux Jr and reviewed his Michelin-star restaurant, le Gavroche) and Edinburgh (to support the Springboks at Murrayfield plus to witness how Scottish cuisine has evolved), and her experience of attending the Grand Prix in Monaco, all expand her diverse experiences.

When she is not reading, writing or speaking, Jenny is cooking in her own kitchen or reviewing restaurants – or exercising to keep in shape.

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