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Discover you’re own or your teams’ personal assets, liabilities and potential with courses Jenny has to offer.

The most effective leaders are those that invest in strengths, surround themselves with the right team, understand their followers’ needs and communicate well.

LEAD YOURSELF – know yourself, focus on your strengths, and appoint your weaknesses. If you invest your time focusing on and utilising your strengths to the best of advantage, it will build your confidence and that of your followers.

PRACTICAL LEADERSHIP SKILLS – if you endeavour to be good at everything, you will never be great at anything, so rather than aiming to become an all-rounder leader, aim to specialise and become a great leader.

LEAD YOUR TEAM – a team is collective strengths of people and their strengths. The best team is able to focus on results, debate successfully, prioritise what is good for the organisation, show commitment, achieve balance and celebrate diversity. Create leaders that can grow on their own.

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